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5 Oct, 2016 | NEWSLETTERS



I am a born and bred Yorkshire lass with a larger than life personality and a love for life (I can never sit still), more so after spending 14 years moving around the world, from Cyprus to Ireland, France and many more with my husband, two children, and not forgetting my two babies, the cats.

I’ve worked in healthcare most of my life and it all started from one little boy and his mum needing support whilst in the army. It was then that I knew healthcare was what I loved and I made a friend for life in the mum and a special little boy that still calls me Auntie Julie to this day J

From there I have worked all over due to moving so much. I have worked in mental health and one to one support and loved every minute of it.

My hobbies are whatever my kids, pets or hubby need at the time, so normally include cooking, cleaning, shopping, walks and many trips to the bank ;)

It is true what they say “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get“ but be grateful and do the best with what you have!!



The process in which adult care services are inspected has changed with the introduction of the key lines of enquiry. (KLOE)

This is based around 5 questions, is the service Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well led?

CARING – We constantly strive towards providing a caring environment for all and our recent CQC inspection found our service to be Caring.

The feedback the CQC received from service users, family members and other professionals showed that personal assistants and managers genuinely cared about the people they were supporting.

Peoples individual care and support needs were understood by personal assistants and people were encouraged to be independent as possible.

Peoples privacy and dignity was respected by staff.

Find out if we are RESPONSIVE in the next issue


Following our recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission we are delighted to announce we achieved a rating of GOOD.

The assessment is based on asking the following five questions of a service

Is the service Safe?….Is the service Effective?….Is the service Caring?…. Is the service Responsive?….Is the service Well-Led?

We were rated GOOD on all these questions leading to an overall rating of GOOD.

A lot of hard work goes into ensuring we run a service to be proud of and we would like to extend our thanks to our staff for helping make this happen and to our service users whose feedback is invaluable.



We are supporting university students again this academic year. They are studying courses as varied as History and Theoretical Physics! Several of the students have a visual impairment and so are receiving mobility and orientation training from Wendy, who is a qualified rehabilitation worker for visually impaired people. I’m sure we can all imagine how difficult it can be getting around a University campus. We are particularly delighted to be supporting a student from Saudi Arabia – Wendy is keeping her fingers crossed that she might be invited to provide some training back home!! J We hope that one of our students will write an article for the next edition of the newsletter – watch this space!!


Due to an increase in the popularity of our services we are delighted to welcome five new staff members to the team.

All come highly recommended, well trained and are already proving invaluable to the team.

A big welcome to Jay Davies Clare Harbou Leigh Unwin Plamen Andreev and Benjeman Farrar !!!!!