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10 Jul, 2016 | NEWSLETTERS



I was born at a very early age and before I knew it I was a year old. Nowadays, I have to admit that I’m not as young as I was.

My childhood and youth was spent in Staffordshire and I enjoy visiting family and friends who live there.

Most of my adult life has been involved in various fields of health care. My post with YPS, since February, is a new venture as this is the first time I have worked in the community. I’m very much enjoying it, not least the opportunities it provides in enabling others.

My wife and I have four grown up children and three wonderful grandchildren. We live down South, Selby, in a quiet area of town with our cat Jemima (I promised her a mention)

If in need of solitude, usually during Coronation Street, I retire to my Magic Shed; a wondrous place laden with books, games, records. Here I can sort out my thoughts, wrote a few notes and maybe watch a favourite film, usually a comedy.

Having been brought up on The Goons, Monty Python and Laurel and Hardy it is true that I have an “offbeat” sense of humour. I believe that humour is one of our best gifts, I’ve never seen a cat laugh!

I also believe that every day that comes in precious and that we should make the best of it forward to many more years working with York Personal Support.



The process in which adult care services are inspected has changed with the introduction of the key lines of enquiry. (KLOE)

This is based around 5 questions, is the service Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well led?

EFFECTIVE – Do YPS make sure people are supported to live their lives in the way that they choose and experience the best possible health and quality of life?

In order to meet the needs of our service users YPS ensure that all members of staff receive effective support, induction, supervision, appraisals and training.

We support people with their nutritional needs by assisting with their food shop, preparing meals and offering advice to maintain a healthy well balanced diet.

We are responsible by making relevant referrals quickly when service users’ needs change and we always obtain service users consent before commencing support or obtaining information from other agencies.



You may remember from our previous newsletter, mention of our staff member Vanessa Roe, receiving an invite to the Queens 90th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace in May?! As a direct descendant of Richard 3rd and an important member of the group campaigning to return his remains to York for burial, Vanessa was worthy of her invite. As per usual our gorgeous staff member scrubbed up lovely and did us proud.

Although the weather was subpar the event itself was amazing. From being escorted through the hallowed halls of the palace and out to the gardens, to the handsome men in uniform the day was a day to treasure. Tea tents were set up with top notch caterers providing unlimited finger foods and tea and coffee urns with ice cream being served in the afternoon. Posh toilets were available to all with fancy hand creams and moisturisers.

The Cold Stream Guards provided the soundtrack for the day to the delight of the invited dignitaries and to the Queens fellow 90th birthday companions who also scored an invite to the party of the year. The day ended with the Scots Guards playing The National Anthem.

Can you spot the Queen in the picture below on her walkabout shaking hands with some of her guests????