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 My name is Keran. I was diagnosed later in life at 33 with Autism and ADHD. I have struggled with anxiety and mental health for the majority of my life. Before, and for a time after my diagnosis in 2013, I lived a very erratic and dangerous life. I could never hold down a job nor a permanent or safe home. I have had a lot of dealings with the law for a multitude of different offences. I knew that I had an issue with my social interactions with others as most were volatile or violent. I began to question, in my early 30s, why people I knew could hold  close and strong friendships and maintain a “normal” lifestyle.

 I started searching online for help and along came “Netmums.com” and a forum discussing a mother’s son’s ability to keep his teeth clean on a regular basis. It was suggested to the mother that she should look into Asperger’s syndrome. I discovered a connection to how I went about my life and the habits conveyed by people on the spectrum. Like the symbol used for Asperger’s, the jigsaw piece fitted and made sense to me. 

After my diagnosis I felt free, but I didn’t expect the uphill battle to come. For someone with high functioning autism, the famous saying I know so well now “well you look normal/alright” would be my hardest barrier. It is a disability where you will have to explain your condition again and again, with horrifyingly personal details, to a person you don’t know. I persevered with people’s ignorance and have always had a mantra: like my sexuality, education is key. So, no matter how many questions I was asked, I would help people to know more to stop discrimination.

My biggest help in this uphill struggle started when I was introduced to Wendy from YPS. I was in need of personal care and the council introduced me to them. The style of care fitted like that jigsaw puzzle and my lifestyle took on a more stable platform to work on my disability. It has not been easy and I am sure I am a very stressful client, but the rewards have been worth it to me. I have never lived in one place for so long since leaving my parents’ home; 8 years now. I have looked after my health so much more from the GP, hospital and dentist. I have not self-neglected. I have also started to become more financially secure. My next step is to find employment in a job that is right for me and my abilities.

I think life should be one step at a time, and it will get bumpy, but dust yourself off and carry on.



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appreciate the time people have spent in reviewing our service. We are very pleased to say that we currently have a rating of

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Our fantastic staff team have been taking the opportunity to have the Coronavirus

vaccination and we are so proud that 95% of the team are now vaccinated. With 75% having both 1st and 2nd Doses.


Personal Assistants (PAs) continue to be provided with PPE and are wearing MASKS at all times when in your

household or traveling with you in a car.

PAs are wearing GLOVES AND APRONS when assisting with personal care, domestic tasks, and aprons for meal preparation.

PAs also wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer when

entering your property and after each task and do the same as they are leaving.


We are very pleased to introduce four new members of staff to our team. They bring with them a wealth of experience in home care:

Claire Cooper

Faye Knowles

Samantha Gardner

Shirley Wilson

Trudy Ryan


Sadly, we also say goodbye to Julie Robinson, a much-valued member of the team, who has moved onto a new challenge in life. We wish her all the best for the future